The Controversial Mom

   Posts on this page may not make sense to everyone, and definitely will not please everyone.
 I was raised in a very large, very conservative fundamental Christian family. 

I have rejected many things about the way I was raised, but have never waivered in my faith.
That faith has grown, and changed, and while my life may look fairly normal to others, inside I still struggle with sorting through what I believe, and how differently I live compared to what I was taught.

 Someday I may share more of my story, -but for now, I post as I wrestle with topics such as home schooling, family size, wives submission, and other conservative keystones.
  Topics that I am realizing are of great interest not just to me, - but are still attracting new followers every year; families who are drawn to the simple and idealistic sounding life they seem to promise.

    I hope to challenge, and spur debate, - a fair and honest one. We do not have to guess at the results any more. There is an entire generation of us who were raised with varying applications of conservative zeal, many of us choosing a different path for our own families.
  This page is dedicated in giving a voice to why.

   Thank you for being part of my journey, - I hope to hear about yours.


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