Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Frozen; Winter Prairie Beauty

 A few days ago our world became perfectly still.
The land was transformed into a enchanted state of frozen, shimmering, beauty.
Sulking clouds hang heavy.
The air cracks with cold.

                                        Not a blade of grass blows, not a branch stirs.
                                                           The wind does not sigh.
                                    The land holds its breathe, perfectly motionless and exposed.

                                                     Summer's glory encased.
                                               Perfectly preserved relics of life.

                                                           Nature's crown jewel.
                           Carats of light surrounded by slender prongs of faded glory.

                                      Suspended in space hang intricate crystal chandeliers.

                                             Strands of diamonds shimmer in regal beauty.

                                                             Humble grasses bow.

Elegance and beauty in every curve.
Next year's new life sleeps.

The stillness of the air is only broken by my warm breath.

                                       Slowly the light melts into pools of purple and gray.

                                                     Evening comes to the prairie.

This present Mom,

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