Friday, November 8, 2013

For God So Loved........ He Sent Truth


                      “…..God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son….”

 His son came, but he didn’t call himself love. He didn’t go around hugging everyone and making them feel special. He didn’t chum with the ‘good’ people and keep a safe distance from the 'bad'.

 He called himself the ‘way, the truth, and the life’.

 The truth confronted, it asked good questions, it healed the broken, and it broke down those satisfied with good enough. It cared. It shared. It prayed.

       God so loved; he sent truth.

  The truth bound up shattered souls of the wounded. It comforted the hurt, it healed the sick,  filled the impoverished, it freed those kept by lies, by pride, and by false ideas of God.

   It pierced the satisfied. It destroyed the haughty, the good, and the holy. It slammed into comfortable lives and shattered the ideals for which they’d worked. It gave grief and sorrow to those who had the most to lose.

   They mocked him. They mocked his family. They presumed that they knew enough to judge.

   What good can come from Nazareth? What good can come from a bastard child?

   They mocked his audacity to speak.
 ‘He speaks as one with authority!’ they exclaimed, and thought him arrogant.

   God loved, and sent truth.
 God. Give me your love. Give me your truth.   
 Give me the grace to accept them, the strength to share them, and the wisdom to know how.


  1. For someone so concerned with truth, I find an alarming lack of reference to THE Truth - Jesus Christ and His [written] Word. Is it possible that you are inventing and promoting your own reality and 'truth' based more on personal experience than Biblical study?!

    Why are there not verses listed to back up any of your points? Who are you to state opinions as facts without Biblical basis to back up your thesis?

    If you are sincerely concerned with truth, please reconsider your information sources.

  2. Great post, good points. Thank you.