Friday, July 26, 2013

2013 Home School Survey

Hello Everyone!
 Normally on Fridays I have been posting more in my series '10 Reasons Not to Home School', but today instead I am announcing a survey I have created for those of you who have been home schooled.
  This is your chance to have a voice and express the positive and negative aspects of your homeschool experience.
  Home schooling is a rapidly growing method of education in the USA, and the largest percent of new homeschoolers are first generation, meaning they did not experience homeschooling as a student.
  Your honest answers give invaluable insight to what has worked well and what didn't.
 There are roughly 50 questions that fall into 6 general areas;
  Relationships and Family
  and Overall experience.

  Less than 10 minutes of your time will give us all rich insight into homeschooling and I urge you to participate and send this link to others.
  I do ask that only those homeschool graduates that have NOT lived in their parents home for at least a year or more respond.
  Thank you for your participation!!!

To find survey click HERE

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