Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Sweet Savings

So here is last weeks deals.... Walgreens was selling 14oz bags of M&Ms for $2.00 each. Starbucks icecream pints for BuyOneGetOne Free for $4.00.
I just so happened to have 4 coupons for $1.50 off purchase of 2 bags of M&Ms, and 4/$1.00 off purchase of one starbucks ice cream.
This means I got 4 pints of ice cream for $6.00, or $1.50 each.
This one was very fun, since I loved getting Andrew something he'll love without the big price tag!

And 8 bags of M&Ms for about $10.00 - or ONLY $1.25 each!! That is cheaper than a small bag sells for in a Gas Station. I mostly got the peanut butter filled ones, since that is Andrew's favorite kind, ALSO usually the most expensive, (not that I mind them, - still haven't met an M&M I don't like!:)
 (And if your wondering, - yes, - there are only 6 bags in this pic.... I will neither confirm nor nor deny where the other two bags have gone in the last week!:)
    I will TOTALLY admit this was a perfect case of the manufacturer accomplishing their goal of selling more of their product. - Would I have normally spent $10 on M&M's last week? No. I probably wouldn't have bought any. But am I happy that I did, and for that $10-  got 8 bags? Yup.  :)
     After all, - it was one sweet deal! :) (pun intended!)

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