Thursday, May 5, 2011

Food News

Think the news doesn’t affect your life? At least, - in any significant immediate way?
Think again Moms, - here is news that affects your next trip to the grocery store.
I cannot urge you enough, my friends, please consider the wisdom of building up food storage and preparing yourself  and family.   Weather alone may be enough to bring unexpected devastation to your area. Even if it doesn’t touch your town, - it may change your life.  
  *Alabama, third largest poultry supplier in the country devastated my tornadoes that killed 3 million chickens, and disrupted / destroyed the state’s poultry production.  Here’s the article.
  *Kansas wheat crop-  you need to read this if you want to understand why we,  ‘who live in the middle of nowhere’ Midwest are affecting the household budgets of every family in America today. Countless stores and chains raise prices because of Kansas wheat crop.
In the midst of high prices, you still have to be concerned about the food’s safety. Today’s food recall.
Even if you haven't gardened before, - this may be the year to consider starting. Lettuce is sooo easy, and healthy and fun to grow!       

   Here are a few more interesting articles on topic.
Kansas to plant 20,000 acres of cotton, the new, low water crop.
New Genetic Engineering of Wheat- this article promotes GM wheat as a good answer to drought.
Farmers tempted to flip crops  based on high corn prices?
Food Prices Rise world wide.

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