Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Life

So I usually change out certain decorations around the house with the seasons. Since my husband does not allow me to move furniture around at all. - No serious. He doesn't even want anything moved 3 inches.
Seriously. So.
  Changing out decorations helps me feel like I can make the place look fresh and new.
This year for spring I wanted something very very clean and simple for the front table. I also really felt like decorating for Easter this year, - but didn't want to spend money on something that I would have to put away in a few weeks...SO.
Took a trip to wal-mart to pick up some letters and painted 2 words that I believe best describe spring, AND the beautiful Easter story.

The Willow Creek couple (Andrew gave me when I had Justice) with a new baby fits in pretty well, - though I was picturing a birds nest with three baby blue eggs.... Just haven't figured out how to make that the way I want.
I couldn't decide between plain white and antique white, and painted one of each, - then decided I liked having them contrast, so did every-other on both words. I thought about embellishing them, - and since paint is easy, I may at some point - but for now this is the simple clean look I wanted.

These words feel especially fitting also since this week I found out that my grandma, - who was a very bitter, agnostic woman for years, - finally accepted Jesus as her Savior.
Every since I asked Jesus in my heart at age four, - I worried about her salvation, and for 25 years have earnestly prayed for her to understand her need for him.
Once in my teens, - as I gently tried to talk to her, she got very angry and slammed her hand on the table and yelled, - 'Don't EVER talk to me about the bible again!"
I didn't for a long time. This last year after my son Justice (who has been close to her)  began to understand what Jesus did on the cross, - he to began to ask family members and wonder what they believed. When he realized that she was hoping  that she was good enough to get into heaven, he to started praying for GiGi, - and through the year as cancer took her strength, - there were days when out of the blue he would come to me and ask to pray that Gigi would trust in Jesus.

There is always guilt, with a family member who you love who isn't saved. Even though several times this year she allowed me to broach the subject, she was closed to hearing what scripture had to say. -
She knew God was good, - and she hoped she was good enough, - he surely knew all the things she could have done but didn't.

Then this week, - a chaplin who had tried to visit her all year finally got her permission to talk to her.
And she listened. With her heart. - A little later, - when he asked, 'Would you like to pray and tell God what you've told me?' She asked him to help her get up,- becuase she wanted to kneel.
The woman who I had never known to be subject to rules, or anyone elses opinion was submiting her heart to God.
The next morning when she woke up, - the caner that had broken her body had taken her mind, and she didn't even know her son. In the last week, - her physical and mental condition declined drastically.
And yet, - I have done nothing but rejoice! Because, - for the first time since I have known my grandma, - she is a new creation, - old things have passed away, - behold, - all things are new.
And now, - in a little while, when she leaves this world, - I know she will be in God's presence, - experiencing New LIFE!!!


  1. Rebecca, thank you for sharing your grandma's salvation story! I was wondering how it happened. Your prayers and ours have been answered and we are rejoicing with all of you! Love, Mrs. L

  2. What a beautiful story and well written! Rejoicing with you!
    Sharon Rose Gibson