Friday, April 15, 2011

Eric Carle Inspired Easter....

Just thought I'd share something fun Justice I did this week. - Last time we went to the library, he picked out some Eric Carle books.

Then I happened to notice in their video department that they had this vhs of Eric Carle. It shows him creating artwork for his books, and he tells about why and how he writes and illustrates them.  It was a lot of fun to watch, - and a great introduction of the technique he uses which is collage.
Watching it really makes you want to get your hands dirty and create!!
So of course we did! :)

Since we wanted to follow his technique we started by painting papers of different colors we would use later.

It is best to blend colors and create interesting patterns and textures on your page... very easy for beginer!

Felicity enjoyed watching!:)

Once we finished our papers, I wasn't sure what we should make...
Justice at first wanted to do a book, - then he decided to illustrate his favorite Bible stories. - He also really really wanted to use the brown lunch sacks I have on hand for crafts.
I wanted something that wasn't to big or long term!
Together we came up with the 'Genious' idea of creating the Easter Story scenes on paper sacks that we can then use to throw an egg in for points or candy. They will also serve as decor for the holiday. Perfect!!!

I sketched very basic pictures on the bags to give us ideas of what the scenes would look like. Then we cut and pasted shapes on to make the scene. We added details as we went along... it was so fun!! 
 - I was floored by Justice terrific handle of the entire story. Last year for a while he asked me to read it to him several times a day for weeks, - from the picture bible.I read it so many times, I had it memorized- I guess it sunk in deep!! :)
Above he is holding the bag he mostly  made himself. I helped cut out Jesus robe, and head, and he did the rest. Including drawing Jesus face. Justice even cut out the cup and bread 'for the passover mom,' and the plate and knife in front of Jesus.

Here is one I made of Jesus in the garden. If you try this, - I am warning you, it is addictive!!! You will NOT want to stop, - you'll keep thinking of more and more details you want to add! :)

"Mom, - we need one where he is standing before Pilate, and the Pharasees say 'If you don't kill him, you are no friend to Ceasar!', and Mom, we need to show the men hitting and whipping Jesus, - who forgave them already....."  The best part of this project was hearing the entire story told in detail and with passion by my five year old. :)
This one Justice made completely by himself.

  The empty tomb!! We ran out of time to make all the figures Justice wanted on here, - the angel of the Lord, the women in black (he called them!:) and the fainted soldiers....

                                                       Lined up as Easter decorations...
(with room for the last bag which we are making today which shows Jesus talking to the disciples ALIVE!! 
       This is one of those projects that I wish I could say I planned for, - but actually was just one of those that fell into place. However, - since I saw more videos of other author/illustrators at the library, I am now planning on doing this again. Get the books, watch the video, and then see how we can incorporate the technique or style into a project here at home. - I'll keep you posted!

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  1. I LOVE THIS! Very incredibly creative AND a love for literature with JESUS as the center!