Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just a post about a new toy we have been enjoying... We got our set of 200  from TJMax for ten bucks... and I wish there had been more. Blocks are a classic toy, and these are really really great becuase they are precision cut so each block is EXACTLY the same size... critical for those tipsy balancing act creations...
I was able to make the coolest roof with overlaping 'shingle' looking blocks at a pretty steep angle... sorry no picture! :) 
We've had them on our coffeytable and even adults who stop by can't seem to resist.  Here are a few of the simpler ones Justice and Andrew made recently...  There is a booklet with picture ideas..

. pretty amazing, but this  boat below was entirely Justice's idea. Then Andrew had to make his own boat! :)

Andrew's boat :)

I've seen sets on Amazon ...The link below shows a set of 300 for $59.00 but there  some that are much cheaper... I looked around at different store sites and some on amazon are the best price.
                  CitiBlocs 300 Wooden Building Blocks Imagine Create Design - Ages 3+

However if you luck out, - and see them at a discount store, - be sure to pick them up... they are deffinately worth it!!  I will be keeping my eyes open!! :)

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