Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Like Me?

         The other day I was hurrying to make lunch while hungry slightly cranky kiddos waited, Justice entertaining Felicity already in the high chair. I put our plates down then set down her bowl of cereal and told Justice to goal ahead and start while I fed her.
  As soon as he saw I didn’t intend to eat yet, he began to protest… ‘NO, Mom, YOU go ahead and eat,- I’ll feed sister- I am really good at it. You need a chance to eat. You never get to eat, - you just relax, - I’ll take care of her. I can eat later. “
 I smiled, - hearing in his manly manner and words an echo Andrew’s voice from the night before. Andrew had insisted I eat, slowly (with both hands!)  taking my time – a treat since he is here for so few meals during the week and I usually am feeding/holding/gulping at meal times.
 So I thanked Justice profusely, - and enjoyed eating my lunch, while he fed Felicity and managed to cover them both in slimy banana, - him crooning instructions and her laughing at him the whole time.
   I looked at Justice and thought how my husband’s love was still blessing me the next day through our son who just wanted to be like Dad. I hope and pray that someday he will be blessed by me in the way Felicity speaks and acts towards her Daddy, with respect, honor, and a desire to please.
    When Felicity was born, - I was thrilled beyond belief to have a girl, and terrified too. – I could ask nothing more than to have a son who is like his father, - I will be happy and blessed. – But to have a daughter who is like me? I hope and pray that each day I will become more of the godly woman I hope for her to be.

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