Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In This Present Time

News of the Week so far… felt like I had to share some of it or I’d burst.

NPR recently gave an upbeat report on some cities who are considering leveling  their freeways because they cannot afford to maintain them. – I am always amazed at their creativity in reporting on bad things and making them sound , well good. In this case their only example of success is from twenty years ago in California when property prices at that time were skyrocketing. While they casually mention that our cities are less ‘industrial’, (which means we aren’t making things in factories) they draw attention to the idea that more ‘sustainable’ cities, - where people can walk places attract more people and jobs. –
  This makes no sense. – A city produces less goods,  - but will gain jobs by clearing roads used by commuters to put in shops and restaurants… places where people can spend.
President Obama just spent days in South America  where he told Brazil that he planned for the US to become a” major purchaser of oil” in years to come. See below
  Interestingly enough you and I paid for that oil to be drilled in Brazil. To the tune of 2 Billion dollars which Obama committed last year, with the option of more, at a later time. This is after he has frozen all drilling in the Gulf for almost a year now, shutting down all domestic gulf production.
   This in turn hurts the trucking industry. Duh. Hmm…
Perhaps this has something to do with food prices rising constantly for 3 years, but  3.9 percent in just the last MONTH?!!!
Here are the charts you want to see about food prices in the last few years. Here is where we learn that food is at the highest price in both real and nominal terms since 1990 when this index was started.
 To top it all off… here is a very powerful, well known and connected man (he’s been to the White House 4 times in the last month) who has laid out in very specific detail how he would like to cause the financial system in America to collapse in the next two months.  It doesn’t even really matter if he succeeds.. it is enough to know there are people trying.
Ladies. I am sorry to be so heavy with the news, - this is not all doom and gloom.  I started this blog because I feel an urgency to live with wisdom and hearts of courage. – I wanted to you to see a portion of the kinds of things I have been watching for over a year and understand my passion for being prepared, not scared.   I will post more soon about the practical things I have done in my life to responsibly respond to things as a Mom in this present time.

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