Thursday, January 20, 2011

Touching the Future Now

Hello ladies.

Just a thought for today.

– Decision Point by George W. Bush.

I’ve only read a few chapters so far, but here is what has stood out.
The close relationship he had with his mother, who he describes fondly and with respect.
A woman, who raised her son in the middle of small town Texas, yet decided that on long trips (over an hour) to and from an orthodontist she would teach him French. This in a community that when his father who worked as a janitor for a time was asked ‘are you a college man?’
and said, - ‘yes, actually, Yale’,
- the reply was ‘never heard of it.’
Bush was also exposed to academia and culture on trips to see east coast relatives, but what impressed me is obvious now, but was not at the time.
- This mother did not know she was raising a future president. (At that time did not even know her husband would become one.)
It must have been odd to others, - even seemed ridiculous; for who would have guessed the little boy in jeans in the 1950’s in the back seat of her car practicing French with a Texan drawl would one day speak not only to the president of France, but with all the leaders of the world?

Only a mother with wonderful vision for all her child’s potential.

Am I raising my child to life an abundant life beyond what I can imagine?

Am I raising my children as if they will impact the world?

– What lofty goals do you have secretly in your heart for your child?
I think we all have them: desires to give them knowledge, or skills, or opportunities beyond ourselves.

I believe we all desire for them to know and love God in a deep personal way, - but what a high calling it is indeed to shape the very future of our country.

Let us not be weary in well doing. Let us use every opportunity: as we stand in front of that sink full of dishes, - mountain of laundry, or smiling face covered with lunch; let us remember that our children are rooted in our very souls!
Lets be fertile ground from which they can blossom.
Your work, - dear mother, is important for eternity.
And with that…. Goodnight. – I need some sleep so I can be a joyful soil for my little future leaders. 

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