Monday, January 17, 2011


So this past week I have had an exciting experience in the goodness of God. -

This past year I have had a renewed interest in herbs and home healing, - but as much as I have read, - I do have trouble knowing how to apply it to real life. I may read that an herb is good for something, - but
A) I don’t have the money to go out and buy every herb,
B) I am scared to just experiment with random herbs. - If they have strong healing properties, or actions in our body, that just confirms to me we need to be wise in there use, and esp. in combining any.

Last week on morning Felicity woke up batting at her ear a little, and I thought ‘I should put some mullein/garlic oil in them” but couldn’t find the bottle, and got busy with breakfast and getting Andrew out of the house.
Later in the day it was clear she was in pain, - and I realized she felt warm. - I called Michaele Day, a woman in church who has much more medical and herbal knowledgeable than me and asked if she had any oil. She said no, - that she always used onion for her children with good results.
I had seen in my book where it said you could warm the heart of an onion and place it in the ear but Andrew was very opposed to me sticking anything in her ear, (and I have no idea how I would have kept it in a squirmy 4 month old anyway! )
So I assumed that is what she was talking about and dismissed it. - I hunted and hunted, and finally found my garlic oil, and started drops of that. - Unfortunately, - the infection was already in progress, and by that evening I wondered if I would have to take her in to the doctor,- she was in so much pain, and I didn’t feel the oil was helping.
For some reason I happened to be on the phone with Michaele again, and she explained that she actually used a garlic press to get juice out of chopped onion, and then put several drops of it in the ear, and that it usually helped with pain immediately.
She explained that the onion draws, - (which is why we cry when we cut it)which helps pull the fluid build up in the ear causing pain, and of course has antibacterial properties that help kill the infection that it is pulling out.
Putting onion juice in an ear sounded like surely it would hurt, - but I trusted her advice.
I had been really fighting a sinus infection on the right side for a couple of days, - and that night that ear had starting to ‘feel’ a little pressure. - So I put drops of onion juice in my ear - (it didn’t sting!) and then in both of Felicity’s (I made sure it went down in) I was amazed that in just a few minutes the pain was gone.
The next morning when I woke up my ear felt wonderful, AND my sinus on that side felt better than it had in a week… I could even breathe freely through that side!
I was super excited! I continued with onion drops for felicity that day, to make sure we got the infection, - then after that put in garlic oil drops just as a preventative.

A few nights later I made a trip to town because I need eggs and milk, and onions!! I was determined to never run out!! - They happened to be on sale, - so I bought two huge bags. I also saw a pack of eye/ear droppers for a couple dollars, and picked that up, - since they just sounded handy.

Fast forward to Saturday night the four of us made a family trip to Wal-Mart- (yes, that’s as exciting as we get!) where I happened to bump into my sister in law and her three little ones, who were all in different stages of colds. - Rambling as I do I happened to mentioned how I’d used onion that week, and how great it was…
The next morning we got a call from her, saying her three year old had been up for several hours with a painful ear. - I felt badly she hadn’t called earlier, - but quickly got the press, a dropper and a bunch of onions and sent it over with Andrew… she told me later it helped almost immediately bring relief.

I was SOO excited to be able to pass on something I had just learned! - And all weekend I have just marveled at the goodness of God, and how he gave us an amazing healer in the lowly onion!! -

My summery of what I have learned through this experience is this.
A) KEEP your supplies organized so you can get to them right away!!! L (ahhh, doesn’t it ALWAYS come down to this in life!)

B) Keep things you know will work on hand… plan ahead!! - (not only can you help your family, but others!!)

C) I still think garlic oil has a place, - and if used before an infection has a chance to develop can prevent them.. I know my dad used to battle sinus infections horribly, but now puts a few drops in his ears every night before bed and has not had a single infection in 5 years.
I’ve decided that if we have colds going around, - I just need to put oil in all our ears as a preventive measure.

I have also been eagerly reading more of what onion can do, may share some of these things later.

One final thought.
As I have braved into the new world of herbal healing, - I have realized that it could be very easy to just replace the current medical mindset with a more ‘natural’ one… instead of buying bottles of pills for every ill, - buying every herb, and potion and trying to make a brew for every problem….
While I am sure there are a lot of good things out there, - I just don’t have the time, money, or knowledge to become my own herbal pharmacy.

But what I am most interested in is simple basic things that I can use and practice successfully. - Also, should times get tougher, - we may not always have access to exotic and expensive ingredients. -
I have no proof of this,(yet) - but deep in my heart, I feel that God surely has given what we need for health in each part of the world, - and I am eager to try to find those things that we can do as Kansas moms!!!

Do you have a story or example of something you use? - We’d love to hear it!!! You can ‘comment’ or email me and I will post it so we can all benefit!!


  1. Yeah! I love your post! Another thing about onions - the salad kind, anyway, is that if you make an onion brew (just water and onions) and you strain out the onion, and drink the brew, you are getting large amounts of Vit. C that can be quickly absorbed into the system - to also help with the cold season.

    One thing I HAVE to always have on hand, is cranberry juice concentrate from the health food store - why? Because, just a teaspoon can change the ph in your body just enough to kick a bladder/urinary tract infection Depending on the severity, of course, you may need to take it several evenings before bed before you notice a change, but if you take it when you first notice the symptom, just one dose will do and you will have relieve by morning!


  2. I have 2 personal favorites for 'onion use':
    1)when your family is passing around illness, cut an onion in half and place on a plate in each room. It will actually pull the bacteria and virus' from the air and eradicate them.
    2)when someone has a chest cold or congestion, slice 10-15 lbs of onion and soften in a skillet.Place warm onions directly to the chest and cover with plastic wrap and heavy towel.This will break up the congestion and clear the bronchial passages.

  3. Thanks ladies!! very encouraging!! I guess my obsession with cooking lots of onions in everything is a good thing!! didn't know about the vita c... excellent!!