Friday, January 28, 2011


For Christmas I bought Justice a couple of books on Noah’s Ark from Vision Forum.

They have been great, -fun to read; - he loves looking at the pictures, and they have really gotten to me thinking about the story we all know in a new way.
There was a part of the book that really stuck with me.

“The door of the ark had been open since it was built, -perhaps for a number of years, a standing invitation for anyone to enter in and be saved from the coming catastrophe. But no one outside of Noah’s family came because no one believed. Mercifully, the door was open those last seven days, but what are seven days to years?...... Finally, on the seventh day, God shut the door.”

(Jesus said in John 10:9 “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved”…..)

The ark was open for ANYONE to come in. The other’s didn’t, because they couldn’t imagine what Noah said happening. – They couldn’t picture life changing. They continued eating and drinking, as if things had always be the same, and always would be. It is a foolish man who limits his vision to what he can see.

If I were to sum up with one word what God did in my heart last year, it was ‘preparation’.
I didn’t see it at the time.

The last three posts on my family blog talk about three practical areas of my life in which I grew last year. – Now I want to share something else from last fall.
All my life I have enjoyed being fairly up on the news, politics, currents events, and enjoyed talk radio. Last year I quite enjoying it. The things that were happening, - the people involved, the more I learned of history; the hard core facts, the things I was see with my own eyes, hearing with my own ears, - it overwhelmed me.

All last summer I struggled. – I wanted to shut it off, shut it out, ignore it. But I knew that wouldn’t change anything. On one hand I felt like I was watching the fall of my country, - my America, and wondering if it was the beginning of the end of the world as I knew it. On the other hand, - I just desperately wanted to clean all the windows in the house before the baby came.

How to reconcile the thought of an impending’ flood’, - with nesting and nurturing, and planning long term for the children I am bringing into the world?

I know a lot of women who choose to just shut out the outside world, - and even feel it is the best idea, - so they can be focused on the ‘jobs at hand’. I wonder what they feel that job really is. – Aren’t we supposed to be raising ark builders? But I’m getting ahead of myself.

It wasn’t until last fall when I was actually watching a short video clip online that discussed women and self defense that I had a huge ‘A-HA’ moment.
The man was saying that to be prepared for an attack, - you should actually visualize the attack happening, and feel the emotion- the righteous indignation, - and use that as fuel as you then use practiced skills to ward off the attacker. That if you had not prepared, - that you would probably be paralyzed in shock and fear.

I had never thought about it before. – Seriously. – To me, even imagining being mugged, or an attempt at rape was horrible, - and I never wanted to even think about it. – I tried to be wise, and never put myself in a dangerous position, (I never parked in dark alleys, - wave fistfuls of cash around arms, I keep to well lighted populated areas etc) but in that one second I realized all I had done was prevention, - but I was not prepared.

In you only act in prevention, - you are still relying on external circumstances or people to control the actions of the attacker(who you know is evil), and you are still a victim.
– If you prepare, - you assume you will be attacked, and practice how to handle it effectively. You are no longer a victim, - because you have the power, knowledge and skills from preparation.

I think the way I thought about a mugging is how many Christian Americans have lived their lives. – They work, - they pray, they love, they raise their families, - pay their bills, they vote for the right people, support the right causes, - they do ‘all the right things’ they are busy with their lives. None of us has really, really wanted to think about how quickly it could all change.

Do you really think that our economic system, our society, our freedoms – our very way of life is going to be the same in ten years?

Really? – Does your life show what you believe? ARE YOU PREPARED???

This fall I was incredibly invigorated, inspired, and terrified. I was overwhelmed by what needed to be done. But I felt that finally I had a sense of the bigger picture, - a balanced picture.

This was not about preparing for Y2K. Though I did begin to learn and plan for food storage. This was not about preparing for a ‘ Red Dawn’ attack, though I do try to stay abreast of international events, and talk to Justice about other countries, what is happening in them and plan to teach him other languages.
This is not about preparing for a cataclysmic event that forces us to live off the land, and live in communes, though I have been trying to learn more about herbs and self sufficiency.

This is about being the women we are called to be. – PREPARED! – I realized it summed up a godly wife and mother.

Everything God brought into my life last year from beginning to end, - organizing my office, gardening, canning, freezer meals, herbal healing, being pregnant, food storage….  All of it tied back to a basic, simple idea. Being, PREPARED.

Do you know what you are having for super tonight? – Seriously. Tonight. If you don’t, I’m guessing you feel a little guilty. – It is built into us to want to ever be better planning, organizing, - being more prepared.
If your baby gets an ear infection in the middle of Saturday night do you know what to do? Do you have lesson plans for this week for your homeschooling? If a neighbor or friend gets sick do you have a meal to bring them? How many lists have you written in the last week? If something goes on sale really cheap do you stock up?

Isn’t your WHOLE life spent preparing for the next meal, the next event, the next grocery trip, the next thing? This is why we carry purses, diaper bags, AND have an extra diaper and lip gloss stashed in the car. We carry water bottles, extra sweaters, and pack 6 pairs of shoes for a weekend. Have you ever had your husband try to pack your family for a trip? - Then you know, - THIS is what God designed us to do!! 

We naturally think of every contingency, every scenario, and can react one of two ways, we can shrink in fear, or act decisively with courage. So much of the Proverbs 31 woman boils down to the fact that she prepares. It is what she does, - who she is. – Not out of fear, - she has no need to fear, - FOR she has prepared. – She has thought it out, planned ahead, given 110%, worked hard and is a blessing to her family and a priceless asset to her husband.

This is the calling of the New Testament believer. – Being always with a ready answer… ready to share our hope and purpose, ready, PREPARED for the coming of our Lord.

That is the purpose of this blog. You ladies know me. I hope you know that I am not advocating charging ahead of our husbands, wasting our families, time and money. I am not saying that everyone has to grow their own food, learn herbal healing , have years of food storage, etc.
But as wives we are blessed with the running of our households, - and we currently live in a free society where we can access any information at anytime we want. – You buy the food, cook the meals, get the clothes, plan the days, teach the lessons, run the home - this is our life!

In our attempts to be better organized, better planned, more prepared, let us not forget why we are doing it all.
We are here in a lost and dying world. We stand like Noah, in a world that refuses to see the coming judgment. They will eat and drink until their world comes crashing down.
The door is open.......for just a little longer.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lego Sale

Ladies... had to let you know about this sale... the above set is 4.48...
They have many items for up to %75 off!!! There are tons of lego and duplo sets... check it out!
Our local walmarts have a bunch on clearance also that my husband has been buying for himself... I mean, Justice!! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Touching the Future Now

Hello ladies.

Just a thought for today.

– Decision Point by George W. Bush.

I’ve only read a few chapters so far, but here is what has stood out.
The close relationship he had with his mother, who he describes fondly and with respect.
A woman, who raised her son in the middle of small town Texas, yet decided that on long trips (over an hour) to and from an orthodontist she would teach him French. This in a community that when his father who worked as a janitor for a time was asked ‘are you a college man?’
and said, - ‘yes, actually, Yale’,
- the reply was ‘never heard of it.’
Bush was also exposed to academia and culture on trips to see east coast relatives, but what impressed me is obvious now, but was not at the time.
- This mother did not know she was raising a future president. (At that time did not even know her husband would become one.)
It must have been odd to others, - even seemed ridiculous; for who would have guessed the little boy in jeans in the 1950’s in the back seat of her car practicing French with a Texan drawl would one day speak not only to the president of France, but with all the leaders of the world?

Only a mother with wonderful vision for all her child’s potential.

Am I raising my child to life an abundant life beyond what I can imagine?

Am I raising my children as if they will impact the world?

– What lofty goals do you have secretly in your heart for your child?
I think we all have them: desires to give them knowledge, or skills, or opportunities beyond ourselves.

I believe we all desire for them to know and love God in a deep personal way, - but what a high calling it is indeed to shape the very future of our country.

Let us not be weary in well doing. Let us use every opportunity: as we stand in front of that sink full of dishes, - mountain of laundry, or smiling face covered with lunch; let us remember that our children are rooted in our very souls!
Lets be fertile ground from which they can blossom.
Your work, - dear mother, is important for eternity.
And with that…. Goodnight. – I need some sleep so I can be a joyful soil for my little future leaders. 

Monday, January 17, 2011


So this past week I have had an exciting experience in the goodness of God. -

This past year I have had a renewed interest in herbs and home healing, - but as much as I have read, - I do have trouble knowing how to apply it to real life. I may read that an herb is good for something, - but
A) I don’t have the money to go out and buy every herb,
B) I am scared to just experiment with random herbs. - If they have strong healing properties, or actions in our body, that just confirms to me we need to be wise in there use, and esp. in combining any.

Last week on morning Felicity woke up batting at her ear a little, and I thought ‘I should put some mullein/garlic oil in them” but couldn’t find the bottle, and got busy with breakfast and getting Andrew out of the house.
Later in the day it was clear she was in pain, - and I realized she felt warm. - I called Michaele Day, a woman in church who has much more medical and herbal knowledgeable than me and asked if she had any oil. She said no, - that she always used onion for her children with good results.
I had seen in my book where it said you could warm the heart of an onion and place it in the ear but Andrew was very opposed to me sticking anything in her ear, (and I have no idea how I would have kept it in a squirmy 4 month old anyway! )
So I assumed that is what she was talking about and dismissed it. - I hunted and hunted, and finally found my garlic oil, and started drops of that. - Unfortunately, - the infection was already in progress, and by that evening I wondered if I would have to take her in to the doctor,- she was in so much pain, and I didn’t feel the oil was helping.
For some reason I happened to be on the phone with Michaele again, and she explained that she actually used a garlic press to get juice out of chopped onion, and then put several drops of it in the ear, and that it usually helped with pain immediately.
She explained that the onion draws, - (which is why we cry when we cut it)which helps pull the fluid build up in the ear causing pain, and of course has antibacterial properties that help kill the infection that it is pulling out.
Putting onion juice in an ear sounded like surely it would hurt, - but I trusted her advice.
I had been really fighting a sinus infection on the right side for a couple of days, - and that night that ear had starting to ‘feel’ a little pressure. - So I put drops of onion juice in my ear - (it didn’t sting!) and then in both of Felicity’s (I made sure it went down in) I was amazed that in just a few minutes the pain was gone.
The next morning when I woke up my ear felt wonderful, AND my sinus on that side felt better than it had in a week… I could even breathe freely through that side!
I was super excited! I continued with onion drops for felicity that day, to make sure we got the infection, - then after that put in garlic oil drops just as a preventative.

A few nights later I made a trip to town because I need eggs and milk, and onions!! I was determined to never run out!! - They happened to be on sale, - so I bought two huge bags. I also saw a pack of eye/ear droppers for a couple dollars, and picked that up, - since they just sounded handy.

Fast forward to Saturday night the four of us made a family trip to Wal-Mart- (yes, that’s as exciting as we get!) where I happened to bump into my sister in law and her three little ones, who were all in different stages of colds. - Rambling as I do I happened to mentioned how I’d used onion that week, and how great it was…
The next morning we got a call from her, saying her three year old had been up for several hours with a painful ear. - I felt badly she hadn’t called earlier, - but quickly got the press, a dropper and a bunch of onions and sent it over with Andrew… she told me later it helped almost immediately bring relief.

I was SOO excited to be able to pass on something I had just learned! - And all weekend I have just marveled at the goodness of God, and how he gave us an amazing healer in the lowly onion!! -

My summery of what I have learned through this experience is this.
A) KEEP your supplies organized so you can get to them right away!!! L (ahhh, doesn’t it ALWAYS come down to this in life!)

B) Keep things you know will work on hand… plan ahead!! - (not only can you help your family, but others!!)

C) I still think garlic oil has a place, - and if used before an infection has a chance to develop can prevent them.. I know my dad used to battle sinus infections horribly, but now puts a few drops in his ears every night before bed and has not had a single infection in 5 years.
I’ve decided that if we have colds going around, - I just need to put oil in all our ears as a preventive measure.

I have also been eagerly reading more of what onion can do, may share some of these things later.

One final thought.
As I have braved into the new world of herbal healing, - I have realized that it could be very easy to just replace the current medical mindset with a more ‘natural’ one… instead of buying bottles of pills for every ill, - buying every herb, and potion and trying to make a brew for every problem….
While I am sure there are a lot of good things out there, - I just don’t have the time, money, or knowledge to become my own herbal pharmacy.

But what I am most interested in is simple basic things that I can use and practice successfully. - Also, should times get tougher, - we may not always have access to exotic and expensive ingredients. -
I have no proof of this,(yet) - but deep in my heart, I feel that God surely has given what we need for health in each part of the world, - and I am eager to try to find those things that we can do as Kansas moms!!!

Do you have a story or example of something you use? - We’d love to hear it!!! You can ‘comment’ or email me and I will post it so we can all benefit!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A place to put my thoughts, - some which feel deep and profound and some not so much. :)
I hope you will be a part of the discussion: - your thoughts and feedback are why I started this blog .(separate from the family blog where I update with pictures and family news)
I hope we can encourage each other.
As American women we are perhaps the most privileged in the history of the world.
We live in a time of unprecedented prosperity and freedom. What are YOU doing with it?